// Rhythm & Colour: Experimental animations
3 October, 2009  |  animation, experimental, motion  |  ,

A few years ago it would have been really difficult to find these amazing experimental animations by influential animator Len Lye, but now thanks to the internet and sites like youtube and dailymotion, videos are easy to access and share. I studied Len Lye & Norman McLaren in my animation classes at uni and still find them great examples of expressing rhythm and music through colour, line and form. Despite being produced around the 1930′s – 60′s I think they surpass much of the work which is produced these days which shows just how amazing these guys are. I think the reason they work is that they don’t rely on technology like many animators do today, but the emphasis is more on expression. The act of painting directly on the celluloid gives them a sense of craft, history and intent which imbues them with a certain quality of expression which a computer and algorithms can not generate.

The music is so incredibly fantastic with afro-cuban sounds and jazz mixed up to create a dynamic landscape of rhythms and sounds. I think we need to bring back more of these musical styles to animations as they create a greater sense of character and movement.


A Color Box (Len Lye, 1935)

Begone Dull Care (Norman McLaren-Evelyn Lambart, 1949

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