// Guten touch
27 August, 2009  |  design, Interactive

GUTEN TOUCH from Multitouch Barcelona on Vimeo.

Designed for the Red Bull Music Academy 08, Guten Touch is an interactive art installation that involves people into a natural relationship with technology. A two projected displays system plus a 3m x 2m multitouch wall showcase applications designed to engage us into human friendly experiences rather than flashy and jaw-dropping visualizations. Space Invaders hitted by foam balls, pixel paintings created with brushes, and digital objects held by hands try to blur boundaries between real and digital. Guten Touch is our enthusiastic good morning to natural interaction.

Amazing interaction design from Multitouch Barcelona. This sort of work just inspires the senses and the mind, the interactivity between technology and human movement is developing to even more staggering heights. I particularly like the space invaders. I will be interested to see whether the xbox natal is really as good as the demo seems to be . There is an interesting interview with the Multitouch designers on Fabrik.

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