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27 January, 2010  |  art  | 

Art history by Vuk Vidor

Art history by Vuk Vidor

I was browsing the third drawer down online store and came across this fantastic silkscreen print by Vuk Vidor. Called ‘Art History’ it’s a list; on each line he links an artist to his/her cultural impact in three words. For example he writes “Mondrian owns Geometry”, “Pollock owns Drippings”, “Warhol owns Pop”, and “Munch owns Despair”. Some of them I don’t know so it’s already helping me be a more knowledgeable individual so I can look cool to my friends – the reason anybody does anything.

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  1. Good stuff! Though I didn’t understand half of that, but I was never a good art student :) Really enjoying your blog – keep up the good work!

    I just started designing my new website today. Feeling inspired!